casa poiares


Citydwellers welcomes nomad workers and collaborators to temporarily live and work together in Casa Poiares.

We are happy to meet, greet, and work together on another awesome project.

Join us at Casa Poiares and share your special qualities with us. While we are developing the place, we offer a bed, great meals, suberb hospitality and lots of happy hours and sunshine in return.

Sent us your proposal to investigate possibilities of an interesting collab.

The Studio

Citydwellers offers a designing and prototyping studio for young start up labels.

Rescued materials are waiting to be turned into great design products.

Old stock silks from Japan, India and Italy can be used to create fancy fashion items or turn them into your personaly styled interior product. Wool, cotton, linnen, canvas or printed tarps can be used for a more rustic look.

Check out our antique yarns, old lockerdoors, antique blinds and many more materials to re-use for a trendy industrial style item.

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