Citydwellers 1.0 is a learning and working center for people who want to gain knowledge in textiles, fashion and interior in an open source environment, with room to experiment. Professional techniques and new forms of cooperation arise and are being further developed. From the Pop-Up Shop in the Heuvelgalerie in Eindhoven, Citydwellers offers apprenticeships to students of various study programs and young school leavers. People who are temporarily unable to enter the regular labor market are given the opportunity to test their skills and build up their portfolio.

A pilot has been developed via Social label in the context of the regional program "Attack on School dropout Z-O Brabant" i.c.w. Eindhoven municipality. The clothing line > SCHORT is a collaboration with designer Borre Akkersdijk (ByBorre) and is focused on a new way of learning. Working together with a leading designer on a joint clothing line motivates young people to get basic qualifications and more opportunities on the labor market.


Sports for Children collects old gym equipment and sports materials at Dutch schools. After inspection and a makeover, these items are donated to various institutions worldwide. In the meantime they have been able to make many thousands of children of all nationalities overjoyed with new possibilities for an optimal sport experience. The Streetstyle collection has been designed in the Citydwellers Studio, bags made from discarded materials. These bags can be purchased via